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Polish, Lithuanian and German consortiums invite to collaborate in the project SuInnTech -“Sustainable Innovations Technics as capacity building factor to create new business opportunities in the BSR” for the 2nd call of Interreg Baltic Sea – programme priority: 1. Capacity for innovation and Specific objective: 1.3 Non-technological innovations. To advance the Baltic Sea Region performance in non-technological innovation based on increased capacity of innovation actors.

SuInnTech is contributing to the Action „Going green” and supporting capacity for innovation in the BSR. It introduce to the BSR a synthesised approach of Sustainable Innovations (SI), which joins EU 2020 „Innovation Union“ strategic initiative and sustainable development approach, as mean for progress, competitiveness and sustainable development. SI criteria are: Economic–higher productivity, Environmental efficiency of technology innovations in lifecycle, Social–longer full-range life span of people and do not leave problems to next generations by integrated regional management and minimising business risks.

SuInnTech accelerates introduction of sustainable technologies and practices that lead to reduction of energy consumption and reduction of GHG emissions based on distributed producers of energy from renewable sourses including intelligent buildings and Smart Grid that combine technology eco-efficiency (i.e. resource efficiency, energy efficiency and efficiency in reduction of emissions) with economic competitiveness, business risk and improvement of people life. Apart the buildings and infrastructure the voluntary mobile monitoring of air quality in residential areas is considered for testing of SI criteria and innovation cycle approach.

Institutions of BSR

We invite to take part in the project experienced and innovative institutions of BSR working in fields of a)Basic research; b)Applied research; c)Development and d)Commercialisation to become partners and associated partners.

We are waiting for your initiative letters with descriptions of appropriateness to involve in project till 23 of May 2016.

Contact person: Wlodzimierz A.Sokol (D.Sc.Eng.) CENTRAL MINING INSTITUTE – The National Contact Point for Eco-efficient Technologies and Management Systems, Katowice, Poland.  e-mail:

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